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A letter to my music email list…. Wild Hymn is coming.

(If you aren’t on it, you can just check in with me here at or join the official list here.)

I’ve kinda been on a long back road….   and though tempted to despise the terrain that has been MUCH HARDER than I anticipated(!) I’m stopping to gather some of the wild flowers on the side of the road, to share them in a vase with you. (I’m  going to send you some music in the next couple of weeks!)

I released home recordings and “In the Dark” in my 20s and… still have half finished Joni Nichols Band tracks in the works from 2010(!?) but  the idea of my 30s passing without music was UNBEARABLE!!!!!! So I have been sitting down and recording my piano at home, to chronicle the songs I’ve been singing. One track is almost ready.

I’m calling it Wild Hymn…… and I tell a little more of the inspiration and background (why “wild?”)  in the post, “When did I stop letting the wild things grow?”



PS. I never got it together to send an update to my music email list that my website had been updated…because music was almost non-existent (except for a few SoundCloud demos that I was too embarrassed to share but which some found anyway!)

I hope this encourages you in your season, and to never stop finding your own “songs” and singing them…!

The best kind of song I have found on this stretch of road, is the kind that reaches out to God.  I hope it helps you do the same.

( will post some pictures of what’s going on on Instagram … and probably send a few of those to facebook.)


PSS. That’s a road side picture I took in my current obsession with all things wild and natural.

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