If you look around here, you'll find polished songs on iTunes, home-recorded demos, worship songs and charts, scripture songs for my kids, VERY rough (“should-you-really-share-that-publically?”) demos, piano ditties with kids in the background.

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A letter to my music email list…. Wild Hymn is coming.

(If you aren’t on it, you can just check in with me here at or join the official list here.) I’ve kinda been on a long back road….   and though tempted to despise the terrain that has been MUCH HARDER than I anticipated(!) I’m stopping to gather some of the wild flowers on the side of the road,…


Zach & Joni’s latest musical venture…

Zach and I are writing together again…but it’s a different ball game now. For years, Zach played on my songs while his inner blues-rocker was shelved.  I mean,  when a blues and blues-rock guy meets a pop and folk girl, and both are writers-composers, it is bound to be a clash of interest, and it was, except that I had…


Doing Music First as a Gift to my Family

This year I started making songs for my kids to help them learn large chunks (not little bits) of scripture.  April Snook called it years ago. I knew she was onto something, but it made my heart spin when she spoke to me that my music would never make sense, really, until it was first blessing the people in my…

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A co-write on Chuck’s Christmas album

In the final stages of recording, he sent me some lyrics and the beginnins of a musical chord progression asking if I had any melody ideas.  I sent him my melody and they used it! So glad to be a part of something like this. The song is Magnificat, the 4th track. Chuck Elmore is a 20-year friend of ours.…

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New Song Demos

Yeah, yeah, yeah, maybe you could use the Nashville term “work tape” or maybe you could call it a home-recording..or a bad idea, but this is what I have, and for my hardcore fans, I share them loud and proud here and on my music facebook page! Like


Worship & Hymns (DEMOS)

My first reason for writing music was the piano which was the only thing in the private space between my heart and God. Over the years I have written many worship songs and shared them with congregations. In college I would hear stories of other groups singing my songs, but I have never had a chance to record even a…


Joni Nichols Band {Chapter 2}

We recorded lots of new basic tracks with the original Joni Nichols Band for a second project in Lubbock in 2010… but this project across the miles has taken longer than anyone could imagine! Stay tuned. Like


“In the Dark” {Special German Edition}

When the original version of our independent debut studio album “In the Dark” (2005) went out of print, the process was taking longer than some fans in Germany were willing to wait. They helped put together a new printing which was named in their honor! Downloads available on iTunes, Amazon mp3, Spotify…everywhere downloads are sold. Physical Copies sold here at…